Ever advancing Google Co. has unaccountable applications one of which is Google Docs and Sheets .They are beneficial as they offer an ease in corporate communication and a simplified collaboration of many types of files. The add on Drive apps are a way to share variety of information being very easy to access as they need a google account which can be accessed from anywhere on a device.

Enabling google Docs and sheets offline:

Setting google drive is preferable because it stores and synchronises all the information at one place which makes work easier.


  • Install chrome on your device and sign in .
  • Install all the apps.
  • Sign in into google.


  • Go to docs.google.com(or sheets.google.com).
  • Go to menu.
  • Click on “settings”.



  • search for “offline sync” and then select “turn on” tab.


Using sheets and docs offline is preferred for people who either work on them or use them for education purposes.