WhatsApp isn’t just an application, it’s a need for today. People are nowadays so much addicted to it that they use this thing first in the morning, then the whole night and then of course before going to bed. They send text messages, share pictures, videos, audio, files and what not? Isn’t it amazing to have a net pack and use this app rather than getting a sms pack and just sharing some limited text messages?

Everything is just fascinating, still many of us fear to have a WhatsApp account? Many parents advice their children – “Concentrate on your work rather than WhatsApp “. Well, all they are concerned about is your safety and security. They are worried your display pictures might get misused or so. Privacy issues are major ones.

Well people, WhatsApp has resolved this issue very well.  You can stay safe and secure on WhatsApp by following the steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the WhatsApp menu Screenshot_2016-08-06-19-07-16 button.
  3. Go to settings.Screenshot_2016-08-06-19-07-26
  4. Go to Accounts.Screenshot_2016-08-06-19-08-44
  5. Go to privacy.Screenshot_2016-08-08-00-24-38
  6. You can alter who can see your last seen, Profile Photo and Status.Screenshot_2016-08-08-00-24-44
  7. Choose one of the following options for last seen, Profile Photo and Status.Screenshot_2016-08-08-00-24-49
  8. You can even block the number you wish to in order not to receive any message from them.Screenshot_2016-08-08-00-25-06

You can keep your account the way you like without worrying  🙂