Android phone has revolutionised our lives in a way that almost everything we do is somewhat solemnly affected by it.This rapidly innovating technology has made our daily chores such as infotainment,work,communication etc much more easier than they were ever. It is true enough to say that without our phones we feel incomplete.Now what if your Android phone is lost?or stolen?or you misplace it? Don’t worry, here are the solutions to find you phone.


SOLUTION 1: Google’s Android Device Manager(ADM)

To use this there are some prerequisites:
⦁ Connection of your device with your google account.
⦁ Access to internet.
⦁ Allow ADM to locate your device.
⦁ Allow ADM to lock your device and erase it’s data.



ADM is an official google tool to track your phone without the need of being installed.Once the site is located it will try to locate your phone.You have to visit Android Device Manager while you are logged into your google account once.
In a recent update google upgraded ADM’s features i.e you can quickly search your registered device by search phrase “Where’s my phone?”.It will display a ap of it’s recent location and a “Ring” tab in lower left corner.
You have the option to locate your device and lock it and erase it’s previous data.This option must be enabled in google settings as it ensures security of privacy of stored information against any theft.This option must be enabled in google settings which is turned off by default.





Timeline is the google maps location history .This requires connection to internet and google account and also enabling location history and reporting on your phone(in google settings).
It simply keeps the track of the places you have visited with exact locations on map.All you have to do is go to your “Timeline” and make sure current day is selectedon calender.On left sidebar you can see complete track of the places you have visited and on right they are displayed on a map. In place of GPS timeline uses tower ids and WiFi location detection to get the loction data which is significantly accurate.