iPhone SE

Apple SE  taglined  as “big step for small” is surely a way to go for a preferred smaller screen and low pricing. It is claimed by iPhone SE to be the most powerful 4- inch smartphone ever. Apple has given it a wonderful be-loved design , reinvented it from inside out.IPHONE SE CPU and GPU performance

The only similarities between iPhone SE and iPhone 6s is the advanced A9 chip. The phone consists 12 mega -pixel camera which captures incredible  and outstanding photos  and 4K VIDEOS!! and living image feature of camera bring your photos to life.

So , for the starters we start with the design.

Apple has crafted it from bead- blasted aluminium for a satin like finish , light and compact phone is designed so  to fit comfortably in your hand.  It has a brilliant 4- inch retina display which  actually makes  everything  look vibrant and sharp and clearer. Matt – chamfered edges and a colour matched stainless steel logo gives  an amazing finish to the look .

Moving on.. to the technology ,  Apple claims  it to be ”the most powerful 4-inch phone ever. As i have reiterated ealier at the core of iPhone SE is the same A9 advanced chip which makes it as great as an iphone6s( li’l  different is obvious ). You would notice spectacular speed  and responsiveness with 64 -bit desktop class architecture and apps runs with a breeze with no lags . It also has console-class graphics  performance, with which  your favorite games  and apps are enormously rich and immersive

Super-efficient M9 motion co-processor. It has embedded directly into the A9 advanced chip, the M9 motion  coprocessor connects  to the accelerometer, compass and gyroscope for a range  of fitness tracking capabilities such as measuring your steps and distance . Now that’s  an excellent feature and i guess the most popular and useful feature added by the apple Inc.It also makes it easy to activate Siri  by simply saying ” hey siri” without  having to pick  up your phone! It has 2x faster CPU  performace than  iphone 5s and for  your amazement  3x  faster GPU performace than iPhone 5s .

With a 12- mega pixel i sight camera , you can  capture amazing and sharp detailed stills  just like the ones shot on iphone 6s . So, it is a wonderful gift for camera lovers  as well  from apple ! It includes shooting – and even editing so that you  may edit your skills as you  want and brillant 4K  video , which is upto four times  the resolution of 1080p HD video.

Another amzing feature in the iPhone se is Live PHOTOS . Capture more than a moment . yes! What  else do we want?? Live  photos bring  the still  photos  to life  with sound and movement .All  you need to do is simply  touch and hold anywhere on your 12 – megapixel still and experience the moments  just before and after it was taken  and so your phone  turns your photos into  living memories . Moving  to another wonderful feature…FaceTime HD camera  with Retina Flash take this ! it just makes  your selfies  more beautiful . it is powered by a custom display chip that allows  the display to flash  three times  brighter than usual…Awesome isn’t it?? Retina  F lash helps illuminate your selfies in low light and at night . In this era of selfies  it is not any less  than a blessing !!

Ansd to compound its specialities it has  got icloud photo library . All your photos and videos  always with you simple as that! Everyone loves to keep their memories alive with them ! and  this feature helps them dp so !! Epic  it is! any edits you make  are automatically  updated everywhere , so you can view a photo  from  last week , so  you can view a photo from  last week or last year no matter where  you are.

Touch ID dude you seriously gotta say wow to this  feature . Advanced security .At your fingertip .Its simple as that  Touch ID makes unlocking your iPhone SE simple and secure . Over all the features of human body are their  fingerprints !!! So fingerprint here becomes the perfect password!!! Tadaaa…You always  have your password at your hand!

Wireless Ultra -fast  wireless and wi-fi . You can browse the web , download apps  and games  and also  steam  videos  over 802.11 ac Wifi  and ultra – fast wireless !iPhone SE  also supports Wi-Fi   calling  for high – quality wideband  calls  and to compund your facilities  with bluetooth technology, you can  stay  connected  to  your apple  watch , external speakers and other devices.

ios 9 well we can say  here, Hardware and software made for each other . ios 9 is the most  advanced mobile  operating  system  and the foundation of iPhoneSE. It is designed  to look beautiful  and work beautifully on your iphone , so even the simplest  tasks  are more fun ! well i would say that’s  an amazing job from apple! customers  surely going to love this compactSE!

Apps that help you do more everyday. your iphone comes with  a collection of  essential apps straight  out  of the box. Messages lets you send  texts  with  photos, videos  links  and more . Music makes it easy to access the entire apple music library along with your personal collection .

Conclusion: Apple’s creation iPhone SE is not less than any blessing ! With its  wonderful design to the technicalities it consists are amazing . Camera, which is , i guess , the most demand feature in any phone nowdays , is of 12 megapixel  and 4K  videos! Along with it , iPhone SE  also  has live photos  feature which  brigs your still shots to life. Overall we are giving iPhone SE a pick!!! The only thing which can make a tad difference is the small screen size and might make a small dent in sales.