The archetypal super sports car, Bugatti Chiron is an agile, ultra modern and incredibly fastest car ever designed. The car aims at highest possible level of comfort with stylistically demanding design. No car in the world is at par with this beast. In terms of power, speed, luxury and  design, Bugatti has outplayed the best cars of world.

Termed as “Beast combined with high level of Beauty”, Chiron claims to have a top speed of 288 mph. Styling of Chiron is more fetching as compared to other models.


Named after Louis Chiron, Bugatti’s factory driver in the European Championship, Chiron made its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Disguised to Chiron, Veyron’s design has been known for its conservation. This simply endeavors to achieve the attention of existing customers , rather than the mob of new ones.Though the design of Chiron harps around Veyron, but the mind blowing concept of Gran Turismo evolves the new hypercar to be victorious.

Non congruent look from side, Chiron differs from Veyron.C shaped curve defining its profile and the sweeping makes the devil attention seeking.

Available in wide array of colours and finishes, commencing from black to a bare carbon-fiber, Chiron is considered to be within the customer’s delight.

Mentioning about its  state-of-the-art sound system, Charon features one-carat diamond membrane on each of the four tweeters. Ameliorate aerodynamics is the key feature of Chiron.

New carbon fibre chassis is integrally attached to the body with a carbon rear subframe designed to boost rigidity. Improved torsional stiffness helps the car to be supple.

New electric steering system and redesigned suspension is what makes Charon incredible. Carbon Silicon carbide is used for lighter and thicker discs which in turn helps stopping power.

Super ultra technology used in Bugatti Chiron is  taking it to new levels by breaking the world records. Outwitting every car, Bugatti is emerging triumphant in every nook and cranny.


Price                $ 2,660,000
Top Speed 288 mph
Engine                  W16
Horsepower@RPM:   1479
Torque @ RPM 1180
Displacement 8.0 L
0-60 time 2.5 sec.
Turbocharger 4 turbocharger with 2 stage turbocharging

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