Ken Block, the man behind the craziest car Hoonicorn which was inspired by 1965 Ford Mustang has revealed its second version which he calls Hoonicorn V2. The first car of Hoonicorn was launched in 2014, loaded with 845 horsepower but after installing two turbochargers with 21 pounds of boost the horsepower has increased upto 1,400 hp. V2 runs on methanol fuel which helps the engine in running cooler than the regular intercooler setup. Hoonicorn V2 has 6.7-liter, 410-cubic-inch V8 at the front like the old version of Hoonicorn, turbochargers are sticking out of the bonnet and flame-throwing dual exhaust would be coming out of Mustang’s engine bay.

This custom, all-wheel-drive, carbon fiber-bodied take on the classical muscle car is an updated version of the original Hoonicorn. Block had been quoted saying that ” this is the most scariest thing ever driven by him though it is amazing.” Hoonicorn V2 can be called a beast. The extra firepower is required as part of a new video project which will be featuring the updated Hoonicorn. Hoonicorn V2 will be given a new livery for Block’s upcoming video project. “Stars and strips theme” will be mixed with reflective pattern on top of a a gray-to-black fade of the base color from nose to tail. New Hoonigan gear will be made available soon, which will be inspired by this livery. All the features of Hoonicorn V2 will be displayed with turbochargers popping out of the hood and the exhaust spitting flames straight towards the windshield.

Block has also said that Hoonicorn V2 needs some more improvisation before it is taken out again so let us hope no frightening changes are made in the car. The car looks really promising and when it will be on the roads it is surely going to take the excitement to a new level of craziness. We can watch Hoonicorn V2 in action on 18th October.