Bentley Bentayga, first ever compression ignition diesel car from the luxury brand, apt for every kind of journey, is an extraordinarily designed vehicle to take its users to extraordinary places. It is completely embedded with practicality, luxury, power and technological powers in equal measures.

Get behind the wheels of 12 cylinder Bentagya, unveiled ahead of 2016 Paris Motor Show, Bentagya features 4.0 liter V8 engine supported by twin scroll turbochargers as well as an electric supercharger running 48 V power station, takes SUV segment to a new level with the realm of performance and luxury settings.

Bentagya is tall and wide, with a hefty and robust built, just like other mighty giants such as Hammer. It also introduces a configuration of seven seats option in both of its model. Bentley has invested immense amount of money, time and personnel to manufacture this brand new masterpiece, the Rolls Royce is also on the same track and is planning to bring out its SUV.

Armed with all the advanced technological features, Bentagya has everything from ABS and EBD, air bags and a lot more with exterior dripping with carbon fiber and the interiors featuring exquisite leather and handcraft wood, has launched with its price starting from 3.85 crores.

Whether it is around the corner or travelling to the furthermost corners of the planet, Bentley Bentagya SUV provides unparalleled heights of luxury and performance, for both the passengers and the drivers alike.