Microsoft Band 3 the predecessor of Band 2 was said to be a perfect band to achieve your health and fitness goals tracking, but it has been revealed from the sources that it will not see the light of the day, but a prototype of Band 3 has been surfaced, which shows what it could have been if Microsoft did not canceled this project.

Microsoft Band 3 was integrated with more beneficial features, apart from keeping a track on your calorie burn, exercise, and sleep quality, your heart rate, also productive by providing calendar alerts, email, and text on your wrists. It was said to be waterproof, so there would not have been any issue while swimming, it would also support EKG sensor to track your blood pressure and also RFID chip.

As it has been acknowledged by the company that Band 2 released in 2015 will be the last wearable of Microsoft, there will be no successor of it this year. Apart from being a great fitness band, the reason behind this bittersweet truth has not been clarified by Microsoft, and no one knows why this project has been sidelined. Maybe, it did not align with the overall mission of the company as it did not run Windows 10 or the low margins of the hardware might be another contributing factor.

You cannot say that Microsoft is out of fitness tracker, as it is giving McLaren – a device, the same status as given to Band 3, which might have fixed everything to which Microsoft was committed, if it saw the light of the day.