WhatsApp is an application considered almost essential these days for every smartphone user. But also, there has been a new upcoming and competitive messaging app on play store nowadays named TELEGRAM. It was the first private messaging app to go mainstream on both the platforms ,namely, Android and iOS.

User Base

This is one category where WhatsApp has beaten every competitor many a times.Telegram has got only 10% of the user base to that compared to WhatsApp. Looking at the pace of its rise, the time is not far when it will stand almost at par with WhatsApp.


Interface & Speed

As far as the looks are concerned, WhatsApp and Telegram aren’t much different. Both utilise Material UI guidelines on Android. There are some detailed and smooth animations on both but when it comes to getting it done, Telegram beats WhatsApp hands down thanks to cloud syncing and gesture support.



Telegram offers a much immediate message delivery as compared to WhatsApp. While WhatsApp did start support for sending PDF documents as messages, Telegram boasts of supporting the sharing of many other file types too. Needless to say, Telegram also matches WhatsApp in the standard array of message types like audio, video and text messages. Also Telegram users can send a file as big as 1.5 GB which is quite large as compared to the limit given by WhatsApp i.e. 160 MB



WhatsApp recently added the end-to-end encryption feature on their smartphone apps while Telegram had this since its beginning. Telegram also has an additional secret chats feature. These chats are not saved on Telegram servers and include many interesting options like self-destructing messages. Even if a person tries to take a screenshot of the message or the chat, the other person is notified, leading to true secure messaging.

Exclusive Features

  1. WhatsApp calls
  2. Read receipts
  3. Google drive backup
  4. Status
  5. Compatibility with more devices
  1. Telegram Bots
  2. Secret chats
  3. Multi device access
  4. Stickers and GIFs
  5. Cloud based