Best utility app for android

Our Android phone is a powerful computer. But like any other computer, it won’t run at its best without proper care and maintenance. If you’ve ever owned an Android phone, you probably noticed that it became slower after a few months of use than it was when you first brought it home from the store. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, and in this article you’ll find some ways to bring your device’s performance back.

Clear the cache

Have an app that’s always crashing? Rather than force-closing or uninstalling it, try clearing its cache. This simple step will help resolve most of the issues that troublesome apps may be experiencing

To clear an application’s cache

Settings >> Application Manager >> app that has issues


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Uninstall Apps

Uninstalling rarely used apps can make your android’s performance better. It not only clears memory space but also reduces the production of cache memory.

Settings  >> Application Manager >> Uninstall


Moving Apps to SD Card

Moving the apps to SD Card vacates the internal memory of the device which may also help in improving the device’s performance. There are certain apps available (in play store for android and app store for apple) which help in performing the task at hand.

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