Phone is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. And a smartphone is what everyone wishes for. Smart phones have come to define us by being the gateway to our online identity and as such should be treated with care and secured against misconduct-online (hacking) and offline (stolen). Our daily lives lie in that small device – Pictures, contacts, messages, videos, Email information and what not. All this data if comes in wrong hands, can be misused very well. Your entire information is traceable and downloadable and may be shared all over the World Wide Web if you are not careful enough.Here are the some steps to protect and secure your Android phone.


Follow these simple steps in order to protect your android device:

  1. Do not save your passwords- Your phone might be in wrong hands. This would avoid them getting access to your account.1
  2. Create multiple user accounts for your phone.2
  3. Have a backup of your data-If somebody tries to factory reset your phone in order to get access to it, at least you have a backup of your data.3
  4. Do have a screen lock. ( Make it invisible )
    Settings->Security->Screen lockScreenshot_2016-08-10-21-18-12Screenshot_2016-08-10-21-17-42
  5. Have your all apps locked. ( Make it invisible)5
  6. Set up sim card lock
    Settings->Security->Setup sim card lockScreenshot_2016-08-10-21-18-12
  7. Verification of apps.
    Settings->Security->Tick verify appsScreenshot_2016-08-10-21-18-20
  8. Do not allow unknown sources. (Avoids virus)
    Settings->Security->untick unknown sourcesScreenshot_2016-08-10-21-18-20
  9. Secure your network.9


Keep your Android Security tightened up .