Microsoft AI voice recognition

Microsoft recently declared its AI’s speech recognition system that has reached human parity. This is a milestone achievement in the development of artificial intelligence. This system can now understand human speech as good as humans do, or in some cases even better. The word error rate per sentence is about 5.9 percent, which according to Microsoft is almost the sane as humans. The system uses neural language models which groups similar sounding words together, hence making it more efficient.
This technology has been used to develop the latest version of Cortana, which will be available for all windows 10 users soon. The all new Cortana is much more intelligent and can work seamlessly with a variety of applications. It can now not only set your reminders but can also tell when two events are clashing and reschedule one of them. Not just this, it can also read your mails for you and mark out the important things in them. Corrana can learn to priorities tasks in a better way and can also help you out in your fitness regime.
One of the toughest challenges faced by AI is to recognize and learn meanings of difficult words. This problem is being regularly tackled by the Microsoft Research Center.
Microsoft recently created an AI system called Tay which had its own twitter account. It was the first machine to have such an account. The idea was to wave the system on the internet and let it learn the ways of the world by itself. All in all the recent developments in AI are thrilling as well as promising. The new Cortana is surely going to be something to watch out for in the future.