Telsa Full Self-Driving Hardware

The autopilot driven car is introduced by the American company, Tesla. Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors, an American automaker company, has announced that it will come up with only fully automatic cars. These care will be self-driven and equipped with latest technology. The company has stated that its high end electronic cars Model S and Model X are being produced with the new hardware, that includes eight cameras, 12 updated sensors and radar with faster processing.

The car will be automatic and will have the capability to park on its own. The Company has recently released a video that shows a video clip where one of their car is releasing from a garage and is being driven throughout the town and at last parking it at the parking lot on its own. This means the car is driving itself. Although the video shows a driver is sitting on the front seat, he is not touching any wheels. It is for the legal purpose. This means the car will have an autopilot mechanism making it a breakthrough in the market.

These machines are expected to be out by the end of 2017. These Sedans will have a better level of safety and reliability than any human driver. These machines will have special features like eight surround cameras which provide 360-degree visibility that shoots up to 250 meters of range. It also has twelve ultrasonic sensors that complement the vision and the visibility which allows the detection of the objects. The Sedan is also capable of seeing through heavy rains, fog, dust etc. These are few unique features that makes it outstanding. The car also provides a kind of system that makes it possible to see through the numerous directions at a time.The cost which is to be spend on fully automated machine will be somewhere around 8000$.