rdbms vs nosql

Most of the applications which requires data to be stored needs a database to store the data in some standard structure. Relational database have been quite famous for a while as an alternative for storing data in form of rows and tables.

rdbms vs nosql

Lately it has been observed by many expert groups and companies like Google , Yahoo , Facebook , twitter etc that RDBMS is quite resource intensive as compared to data stored in flat files specially for high volumes of data.

Big companies like Yahoo , Google , Facebook have already migrated to Nosql based database platform and many companies are in process of migrating to it. But still it doesn’t mean you dont need to optimize Nosql platform

When should you use Nosql platform ?

1. When you have enormous amount of data

2. When lot of data has to be inserted

3. Running a high traffic Website

4. When you dont want to put extra effort on Page level or Object level caching

When should you use RDBMS ?

1. When you have hardly any data or a very small database

2. When data has to be catered to few people

3. Their is hardly any insertion

4. When your technical team doesn’t have the guts to reinvent the wheel

No doubt some of the famous RDBMS platforms ie Mysql , Postgresql , Oracle , Sybase will soon get replaced by Nosql platform ie MongoDB , Bigdata , Cassandra