new zealand bans software patent

New zealand parliament has created history by banning any kind of software patent ; According to the new legislation ,  any kind of software program cannot be entertained for patent . In recent past Software patent has led to many lawsuits which have amounted to billion dollars of revenue and expensive time .

Practically it is very difficult to avoid breaching software patents , as there are infinite number of software programs , avoiding copying the logic and code knowingly and unknowingly is impossible.
Lately some of famous lawsuits have compromised of ultra big companies ie Apple , Samsung , Google , Microsoft , Sony and the list is endless.

These lawsuits have directly and indirectly have affected the consumers also as due to patents the cost of software and hardware dependent on software have increased.

But what are the implications of patent free software market ?  No not really , If by any chance the algorithm used to code the software is an invention , it will comply to some mathematical calculations and can still be patented .