Google’s tilt brush is prototype tool for altering and creating 3 D designs and art.  Get ready to make your own creations, creating your own life size 3D images by Tilt Brush one of the most innovative virtual reality painting apps of Google.

Give colours to your creativity with the three dimensional brush, a simple controller, giving fine lines and details to import your artwork, enhancing and mimicking the gestures of paintings.  Not only this, its multiplayer mode will improvise sketches created by the users.

Tilt Art1

Tilt brush can be efficiently used by all age groups within a few seconds one can see how powerful and transformative it can be, as it is virtually a reality painting app. From the virtual palette you can select different colours and brushes of your own choice. Even an amateur can become an architect. A day will come when drawing in 3 D will be just like sketching with paper.


Tilt Brush Google’s virtual reality game has traditionally dominated not only the outside market but also the virtual development. It is going to formulate an exquisite impact on the working style of designers, as they will get numerous options regarding design, lighting, material etc. in a short span of time, which will promote VR products.

It is predictable that it will expand in future to other platforms that will be more innovative but at present it is available on HTC Vive only. The “zoetrope” feature will create fully formed animated work and the portal brush erases virtual reality helping you to be aware of the real world around you. Art will have new name with these unique three dimensional, multiplayer modes of Tilt Brush that keep you closer to new creations.