Google is the most extravagant search engine with a fairly good accuracy. But have you ever thought of making your searches a bit simplified and much more specific ? Here are some tricks to do that:-

1. Exact phrase

The easiest and most active way to search for something definite is to use quote marks around a expression or term to search for those exact words in that exact order.

The exact or explicit expression search is very convenient for eliminating more mutual but fewer appropriate results.


2 Exclude terms

If exact expression doesn’t get you what you want, you can precisely reject certain terms using the minus symbol.


3 Either OR

Default text searches catch results with all the terms of the probe. By using the OR word you can search for one or another word, not just all the words. OR searches can be helpful for searching things that you’re not confirm which term will be used from a known list.


4 Synonym search

Sometimes it’s helpful to search for a less particular term. If you’re not confirm which word will be used you can use synonym search.

Here: Searching plumbing ~university give results for plumbing from colleges as well as universities.


5 Search within a site

The search engines of maximum websites are of bad quality. You can find things using Google instead by using the site or domain limiter.

Here: Searching with followed by a search word, will search results from only


6 The power of the asterisk

Similar to the blank tile in Scrabble, the asterisk functions as a wild card within searches. It can work in place of a missing term or part of it, which is helpful for completing phrases/sentences and less fixed article.


7 Searching between two values

Examining for something with a qualifier between two ranges is a nice way of responding questions. For example, if you’re searching for the who were the British prime ministers between 1920 and 1950 a search using british prime minister 1920.. 1950 will bring up results with dates ranging between 1920 and 1950.

Search word will be followed by two full stops and a space.


8 Search for word in the body, title or URL of a page

There are times when you need to only search text either within the URL, body or title of a page. By using the qualifier

inurl: you can just find it out within the url.

intext: find it out within the body.

intitle: find it out within a page title.


9 Search for related sites

The related qualifier can be used to find similar type of websites. Searching for for example, will give the the sites of other news cmpanies that Google believes the most similar to the Guardian.


10 Combine them

Combine all of the above tricks.