Google Allo is latest attempt from google that has finally pushed out a messaging app which is not integrated to google accounts but to your phone numbers directly. Allo can be the new big thing in the app store is proving to be quite a rage amongst the new generations giving a big threat to Whatsapp messenger. This app is a fresh start for Google’s new communication’s that suggest further searches a broader way, where else in whats these smart feature is not available so far. Let’s get to know Google Allo’s new edge features to understand how it can leave whatsapp behind.


This app provides automatic responses to messages on behalf of the user. For example, if someone sends  you a “hello”, the answer will automatically be answered by the smart bot.


The app makes it possible to recognise a received image and suggest some responses accordingly. For instance if someone sends you an image of a beach then the app automatically comes up with options such as “Wow”, “Beautiful” and any other depending on the user’s history.


Whatsapp and Allo, both offer end to end encryption but Allo gives an additional option of choosing the chats you want to encrypt through incognito chat option. Also, the chat history disappears after you’ve finished talking or after a time which the user specifies.


Allo offers a new and a quite interesting feature which allows the user to edit the font size just by sliding the “send” button up or down which Whatsapp does not allow


Allo provides the user a range of funny stickers and also allows the user to scribble or draw on a captured image before sending it.