facebook messenger encryption

After Whatsapp , Facebook has also completed end-to-end encryption for all its users. This will allow the users to protect their conversation from being seen by hackers, government agencies or even Facebook.  The new “Secret Conversations” function is available to all the users around the world. Users has to turn on this feature manually while messaging.  Some of the features like sending GIFs and videos are not encrypted yet.

This feature will be available only if both the users have the latest version of Messenger. While messaging you can also set a timer to control the time limit of each message you send so that it remains visible within the conversation. The conversation can be accessed only on a single device. The conversations can be deleted from the profile settings page.\

One of the drawbacks in the encryption is that it will be only applies when users specifically ask for it which implies that most of the conversations will not be encrypted.

Some more drawbacks of this encryption is that uses could not verify the identity of contacts’,  the source code isn’t open for independent reviewing, the security design had not been documented properly, the past messages were not secure if the encryption keys would be stolen, the communication was not encrypted with the keys the provider couldn’t access.

Where else some of it’s few advantages are that it has completed an independent security audit and communications had been encrypted in transit. It’s a new change for Facebook messenger though it has long way to go.