Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft is finally going to launch its first desktop computer named Surface Studio. Surface Studio has an elegant design and a massive, lovely display. This desktop is powered with 6th generation (Sky lake) Core i5, 2GB GPU, 1TB hybrid drive, and 8GB memory and upper model of it will include 6th-gen Core i7, 32GB memory, GTX980M GPU and 2TB storage. Surface Studio is designed for transformation from a single purpose workstation into a platform for artistic creation or sharing. Device has a pair of hinges which very beautifully lifts its 28-inch, 4500*3000 Pixel-sense display from vertical position to 20 degrees horizontal. Display offers SRGB and DCI-P3 colour settings which are individually color-calibrated.

Display of the device is 12.5mm/0.5″ thick and it weighs around 6.1kg/13.5lbs. The Surface Studio comes with a standard Surface Pen, an updated Microsoft Sculpt mouse and keyboard. Though the mouse and keyboard are not very impressive but the dial is good. Surface Studio does not include modular functionality but it has a 5MP front-facing camera and a dual-mic array. It has four USB 3.0 ports in the base but all of them are pointed towards the back which makes it difficult to plug in anything. The Surface Studio desktop also has an SD card reader and a headphone jack at the back end. Connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi but there is no USB port on the side of the monitor.

Surface Studio is mainly made for the users who love doing creative things and is not meant for the general public. Let us see how many users will buy this device. Surface Studio is expected to compete with existing Apple personal computers. This device might not be used and only desired by people as it is highly priced. It is said the price of this desktop will start with Rs 2 lakh.