The new reality game is trending everywhere. This game became incredibly popular in a very short period of time. Pokémon players all around the world are installing this app and hunting the Pocket monsters. This game is officially launched in UK, US, Germany, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. The other countries are still waiting for the launch.

Can’t wait? No need to worry people. If you are an android user not belonging to the above mentioned countries, you can get a chance to hunt the monster too. Below are some very easy steps you can get this reality game on your own android phone. Just follow the below steps and you are set to go for a poke walk.

Step 1

Open up Settings on your phone.

Step 2

Scroll down and Turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ setting using the toggle button.

Step 3

Go to the link

Step 4

Click on the ‘Download APK (59.9 Mb)’ button.

Step 5

Your APK file will get downloaded.

Step 6

Click on the file and then click on next when it asks whether you want to install the application.5.INSTALL

Step 7

When the app gets installed just open it.
And here you go.

Caution: – Be aware of your surroundings. Play out of harm’s way.