Email is a very important source of communication especially for formal things. May it be school, college or workplace, Email is the most preferred way of information. People across the world can send files through Mails in a very less time and without any problem. This is a very important factor why we use emails.

There aren’t days left when we used to switch on our computers and login to our accounts and check our mails once in a day. Now we need to be updated of each and every thing at every point of time.
We don’t know what important thing is waiting for us. So we now have got an application which keeps us updated. It is by default therein our smartphones. We just have to set it up.

You can follow these simple steps to setup your mail:-

Step 1

Go to your menu and open the Mail.


Step 2

Enter your email id and your password.


Step 3

Click on Next.


Step 4

Choose the inbox checking frequency.


Step 5

Click on next.

Step 6.

You can give an optional name to your account.


Step 7

Click on Next.

And Your mail box will pop up right in front of you.
Happy Mailing 🙂