The idiosyncratic identity of any android tablet or phone can be obtained by its MAC address. The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique 12-character identifier (e.g. 00:00:00:00:00:0X) which is isolated for every piece of hardware just like the network adapter located in WiFi devices.

Now the query is, how to get that MAC address out of your device. Well, following these few simple steps may lead you to your device’s MAC address. Commence with this five finger exercise by heading to the settings in your menu bar if you are android phone user.

Menu >> Settings


Scrolling down to bottom leads you to About phone option which gives way to different isolated information about your phone. Creeping between these information, Status holds your phone’s personal details. Tap on Status option and scroll down. MAC address appears right before your phone screen.

Settings >> About phone >> Status







Now you are with a MAC address of your smart phone clearly visible on screen.

This process can have a little contrasting ways for different users. For instance, after heading to Settings, you may have an option of Wireless & Networks. Tap on WiFi Settings after selecting Wireless & Networks option. Further in WiFi menu, tap the three vertical circles in the top-right corner of the screen. A new menu pops up. Scroll down this menu and tap Advanced. In the Advanced menu, scroll down. On reaching the bottom, have a look on MAC Address for getting MAC Address. This is simplified as –

Menu >> Settings >> Wireless & Networks >> New menu >> Advanced >> MAC Address

The procedure is similar for android tablet users except for the About phone option which appears as About device option.