Is the time ripe for windows 10 upgrade ?

Is the time ripe for windows 10 upgrade ?Many Microsoft’s fans and enthusiast were ecstatic to hear about the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7/8. But dilemma still entails them who haven’t upgraded yet in spite of making an reservation , whether to go for it or not as they are not sure about the bug free experience.

Their are few things which you would notice after the upgrade :

* Optional update missing : Their is no option to skip optional updates. Professional users can delay the updates but not the home users. Microsoft has always tried to enforce its monopoly after the growth of Mac OS and Ubuntu’s Desktop version ,which might be one of the reason for the free upgrade.

* Windows 10 is more intuitive for touch screen : It comes with vast improvements and fluid design ,which in comparison in much better then Windows 8

* Windows 8.1 is required for upgrade : Windows 8 users need to upgrade to 8.1 to do an upgrade to Windows 10. If you are a Windows 7 user, you can upgrade directly to Windows 10

* You can rollback upgrade within a month period : Users have the option to rollback to previous version, but they have to make an decision within a month period. After which they wont be able to do a rollback.

* Logic behind free upgrade : One of the major reason for free upgrade , With the upgrade comes additional packages like Windows store which includes music,app,games etc. The revenue which Microsoft will generate from store purchases would be much greater then one time operating system cost. It is pure business – Nothing comes free and their is no charity