Facebook Messenger Bot

You want to pass any message to the President of U.S.A? The new Facebook messenger bot is introduced by the two techies of The White House, namely, Josh Miller and Jason Goldman, which enables general public to send messages to the President. “The White House’s Messenger bot is a one of its kind which makes contacting the President easy as if you are messaging your friends”, says Jason Goldman, White House chief digital officer. It has been a tradition in the White House that a President reads the letters of the general public every day. Ten letters are carefully chosen for the President on daily basis. In this way the President can connect himself with the general public and get to know what is happening around the country. Facebook messenger can be wonderful concept that will break barriers for the communication between President and general public.
How it Works?
First, open up the Facebook messenger app on your phone (or the chat option in www.Facebook.com) and type “The White House” as the name of the friend which you usually do while wanting to message. Otherwise, you can also go to the White House’s Facebook page and click on the “Message” button, type your message press “send” and the message goes directly to the Office of the Presidential Correspondence.
The messenger bot is simple and plain without any colorful depictions. It is a global age and more people are communicating through technology electronically rather than using traditional ways of writing letters or calls. So, it is right decision for White House to go digital and give this electronic communication facility to the public. The President himself will read the 10 handpicked notes from those messages and will personally reply to few of them.
Log into the Facebook and pass on your message to the President, as this digital concept will take no longer time for you to connect with the President directly.