Videocon Ultra HD 50 TV

Videocon has recently launched its latest smart TV, the Videocon Ultra HD 50. The company argues that it is India’s most feature packed and the most advanced TV till now. It is a UHD or an ultra high definition tv that has a 4k resolution and a mind blowing picture clarity. The screen resolution and the color contrast are the USP of the TV, the 4k pixel density enhances the picture quality to a stunning 8.3 megapixels. While the picture enhancer uplifts the picture, the tv also reduces the ideal tv viewing distance to mere 5 meters. It comes with light weight 3D shutter glass that enhance normal tv viewing experience to a 3D experience.

This smart can easily connect to your ios or android devices. Also, you can connect it to the internet and can surf the internet.  You can control various apps on the tv by its remote and can also utilize hand gestures if you are too lazy to use remote. The face recognition technology automatically loads your saved profile and you can resume from where you had left.
Have ultimate gaming experience with Ultra 50 that let easily connects with play station and Xbox. This television will cost around Rs. 94,283 approximately.With Videocon you get a trustworthy brand name and so I would totally recommend this tv.

Videocon 50 Inches 4K Ultra HD TV Specifications

Features: 2D To 3D Conversion, Amazing 3D, Gesture Control, Motion Sensing Gaming, Smart TV
Power Supply: 50-60Hz, AC 100-240V Hz
Display Features: 4K Features, Ultra HD Features
Functionality: 3D TV Units, 4K TV Units, Smart TV Units
Warranty: 1
Display Type: LED
Screen Size: 50 Inches
Connectivity: USB Input 2.0, WiFi
Resolution: 3840×2160
Number of selectable Picture Modes: 4
Selectable Sound Modes: 4
Audio Output: 16 Watts