Iphone7 plus

Iphone 7 are floating in the market and ready to be purchased. There is a stark difference among the different Iphones. So, iPhone 7s uses a Qualcomm modem while other I phones 7 models have an Intel modem. It determines the speed of phone that is how quickly the phone opens the various app and can send messages. A report came and suggested that the Qualcomm modem performed 30% better than Intel modems. The researchers only tested the iPhone 7 Plus, but the two types of modems are also used in the iPhone 7.

So, how to confirm that your phone is not slower? If you have a Verizon (VZ,Tech30), Sprint or SIM-free model, you’re having a safe ride, according to the Cellular Insights report. Another preventive measure is to make sure you buy your phone in the United States, China or Japan. These are the only countries where the speedy Qualcomm version is sold, but not every iPhone purchased in the U.S. has the faster modem. IPhones from T-Mobile, AT&T and Telstra include the Intel modem.

To determine if your iPhone has the Intel modem, check the model number, found in small print at the back of your phone. The Intel modem is in Model A1778 and Model A1784. Cellular Insights also ran a test and the results have shown that the iPhone 7 Plus with the Intel modem has performed badly in areas with poor cell signal. And the Intel-powered phone is 40Mbps slower than the Qualcomm device.

This is not the first time that a major performance differences is found among various versions of iPhones. Even the studies have shown that Iphones with 32GB storage area are poorer than those having a storage capacity of 128GB and 256GB models. It affects the processing and speed of Iphone. So, be cautious while buying your IPhone 7.