TomTom India on Wednesday expanded its range of products of wearable devices in the area as the company launched its Spark fitness tracker, watch, and Adventurer smart-watch. The company has further introduced a new division named TomTom Sports, which will house all fitness products from the business.

The TomTom fitness tracker can measures the percentage of body extra fat and muscle mass of user’s body in order to provide associated with the understanding of their level of fitness form. “As yet, this valuation has freshly been accessible with fanatical evaluation machines or expensive technology. The launch of TomTom fitness tracker makes body composition analysis more reachable to wider spectators, “the company alleged in its public statement.

The fitness tool has been made to be worn all the time which is able of tracking steps, all-day heart rate, calories burned up. It comes with an inbuilt sports mode for activities such as jogging, cycling, or gym. Users will also be able to receive notifications from their Smartphone with TomTom Touch.

Even though the fitness tracker is not waterproof like the two wearable launched on Wed, the company did illustrate it as ‘splash-proof’. Consumer can even share their fitness related achievements and stats with their friends using TomTom My Sports partner software on their mobile phones. The company claims the TomTom Touch will be available online at price of 13,999 rupees.

Just like the fitness tracker, the watches TomTom Spark 3 and TomTom Adventurer are also meant to be worn all the time for checking activities like as heart bit monitoring and walking steps. Both Spark 3 and Adventurer come with an inbuilt GPS that allows the watches to keep a track of your routes.

TomTom Spark 3 is focused on course exploration and combines information from compass and GPS Device to show the course every time user hits the route. On the other hand TomTom Adventurer has been intended for tracking outdoor activities and is sold with dedicated sports modes for walking, trail running, skiing and snowboarding. Both watches are waterproof and can therefore be worn while cycling.

There are few variants for of spark 3, such as; Cardio, Music, and Cardio + Music. The Spark 3 device will be obtainable at all popular e-commerce websites as per the recent statement by the company.