Fedora 25 work station released by Fedora project is officially here, offering hosts of new features, it is truly free open source software, along with debut of the Wayland display server. Apart from having up-to-date packages it is very stable, its commitment to the GNOME desktop environment, MP 3 codec support and a lot more is available.

It is a boon for the workstation users, as it includes decoding support for the MP 3 media format and GNOME 3.22 which provides multiple file renaming, an additional user interface improvements with updated sorting and view control and also a new landing page in the software app and a redesigned keyboard setting tool.

According to the team Fedora 25 workstation has made easier for Windows and OSX users to start with Fedora Media Writer serving as the default download, for those operating the systems, which also help users to write it to the removable media such as USB stick that allows potential Fedora users to “test drive” the operating system from media environment.

The inclusion of Wayland display server in place of XII is the most distinctive feature of Fedora from its predecessor, which provides richer and smoother experience and improved capabilities for modern graphics hardware also. Though they have shipped Wayland display server with Alpha release, but still users have the option for XII also if they want.

Fedora a global community works for the advancement of free and open software, with all its new versions Fedora 25 Atomic Host, Fedora 25 Server and Fedora 25 Workstation, provides many tweaks and bug fixes with many new and enhanced packages.

Enhanced Packages:

Docker 1.12 for building and running containerized applications
Node.js 6.9.1, the latest version of the popular server-side JavaScript engine
Support for Rust, a faster and more stable system programming language
PHP 7, offering improved performance and reduced memory usage
Multiple Python versions — 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 — to help run test suites across several Python configurations, as well as PyPy, PyPy3, and Jython