With the advent of smart watches in the world of gadgets, the most successful internet giant Google will also launch two Android wear watches in 2017, as announced on Thursday by the company’s project manager Jeff Chang. The first Android 2.0 wear watches will be embedded with the Android 2.0 software, the updated software system to the already existing Android smart watches.
Having brand new and innovative features Android 2.0 smart wear watches will have standalone apps, which will not require support of a smartphone, as it is usually seen in other smart watches which sync with a smartphone. The device will also contain Android Pay support feature and also the support of Goggle’s Latest voice controlled AI, which was launched with the Google Pixel smartphones. Apart from having Android software, it will also be working with iOS devices. Though much detail on specifications is not available for the first Android 2.0, but it is confirmed that two devices will be launched as per The Verge.
Competing with other tech giants, Google will focus on the hardware design and software integration of these smart watches. The manufacturer company is kept under wraps with whom Google has collaborated, and is addressed as “partner OEM” or original equipment manufacturer, as Android wear watches will not be retailed under the company’s brand name.
Google is quite optimistic of the success of its latest smart watches, as the customers will be convinced and the smart watches will be in demand again. But it isn’t a sure bet for Google to invest in wearable, because of a stiff competition from Apple, Samsung and Fitbit and the uncertainty of the consumer’s demand.