Google Photos is the most envied and widely used photo gallery from Google that automatically creates animations, collages because of its technology and built in assistant. It is one of the smartest services that are available to us today. This service has changed the way we take the photos today. All of our photos and videos are automatically backed up and saved. It makes it easier for us to find them and share them without any space problem.

The Company has now come up with an upgraded feature that helps you revisit your memories. It has updated its tool to enable us to extract the shareable parts or animation from your personal video and share it with others. Previously, the app could only turn the photos into animation within a loop but now it can also turn live photos into GIF files, and same can be done with your videos too.

It can be explained through an example. We all have moments like a birth of a child or a graduation ceremony or may be just a smile on the face of your beloved. The app creates a short animation of that particular video, that can be shared with everyone or on Facebook and everywhere.

Apart from this, the other feature is to make it easier for us to go back and explore the photos of the past. Since today most of the apps are focusing on immediate photos and old photos are getting lost somewhere. So it also helps us to go back and dig into the memories and friendships of our past. The app provides features like visual search, rediscovering, auto backup, editing, sharing etc. The photos can be searched by people, places and things in them without any tagging.

The new features are available in the current version of Google Photos which is available on IOS, Android and web.