google earth vr

Google Earth gives you the luxury of virtually visiting any part of the world without travelling there in reality. Virtual Reality has become a trend in recent times and many technical companies are working towards bringing this experience on their platforms for users. Google, a leading tech gaint has announced their much-awaited Google Earth VR platform on HTC Vive.

With Google Earth Virtual Reality you can experience destinations like Amazon River, beautiful Mahattan skyline, Grand Canyon and many other beautiful and exciting destinations at your home comfortably. You have to just strap your headset and float freely wherever you feel like going. This app uses 3D rendering technology which is seen on Google Maps so if you are gliding to New York the skyscrapers come to life at the correct scale.

There are few drawbacks of this device like not every location can be recreated in the same way and in case if you are in a remote corner of Earth you will observe that ground and buildings are flat. Even in popular tourist destinations some things dont’t look right. For example, trees look jumbled. Despite of these drawbacks, if you want to sightsee Europe, Japan, South America or anywhere you can get a realistic virtual tour through Google’s 360-degree cameras.

Users need Windows 7 or a later PC with an Intel Core i5-6500 equivalent or higher processor, 8GB RAM and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 Fury to avail this experience. It is free to play through Stream and an HTC Vive is required for now, but the app would be supporting other VR platforms by next year. Google has also said that Earth has been for around 10 years and had witnessed 2 billion downloads during this period.

Let us hope this app get lot of users worldwide and people feel comfortable while using it.