Facebook 360 Video

As far as commercial use is the main motive, video content is considered to be the future of internet. For this, Live 360 is an important step by Facebook’s engineers, as this feature will support 360 degree videos to Facebook Live and by 2017 all pages and profiles will be able to utilize this feature. At present Live 360 is going to collaborate with National Geographic, which will enable us to watch 360 degree stream of Mars Desert Research Station facility in Hanksville, Utah.
As live video on Facebook provides an immediate, authentic window on what is happening in the world presently, thus immerses viewers fully into the scenario, exploring and experiencing new environment on their own. The first Live 360 video streaming National Geographic will depict every aspect of life on Mars by the seven scientists around the world living in pods. Not only this, Facebook confirms that Live 360 video will take questions from Facebook viewers which will be forwarded by the TV crew to the interviewees.
It is not the first time that Facebook has implemented 360 video feature in its social network, in 2015 also it came out with similar unique content Star Wars trailer, it had debuted 360 degree videos Instant Articles and also 360 degree photos, but live 360 is a step ahead and a long term strategy to put video content in the social network, as it transports its viewers into new experiences right as they happen according to the software engineer and product manager.
Facebook Live can also bring action from remote locations and 360 degree videos will give an immersive experience. More pages are supposed to get support for Live 360 in the next few months and some more information is expected regarding an official roll out very soon.