Twitter Vine

Twitter announced on Thursday to shut down the Vine app, a six-second video app, launched in 2013. It will discontinue in the coming months as it focuses on twitter’s sales teams and marketing strategy and reduce its head counts and cost. Though the twitter’s earnings were more than that of Wall Street’s expectations, still the Vine app will be shut down because of its stumbling growth. But it is bitter news for 350 employees also who were dismissed, as one of the segments of twitter was being shut down.

Vine a unique social network introduced a 6 second video stars, which was called Vine celebrities and its growth reached its peak in 2014 and 100   million people watched videos every month, as this app sported occasions, celebrations and highlights in short looping clips. But the users gradually drew towards other social networks like, Snap- chat because 6 second time limit was too short for the video creators to provide the content to its audience.

Another setback Vine suffered was that its clips could be very easily downloaded and then uploaded to You Tube and Facebook and it evolved less than its rivals Instagram, Snap-chat and face book, which added new, features every now and then.

Twitter aims for profitability in the coming years, as it is focusing on live streams and trying to compete with other services like Face Book Live, which resulted to wean away its focus from Vine. But twitter has also mentioned in its blog that they will keep the website online and you can download and access your Vines, but will notify the users before making any changes. This also indicates that Twitter is pulling up its socks to face its competitors.