AdultFriendFinder Site has been hacked yet for another time! The hookup and adult dating site has been breached for the second time in two years. In one of the biggest Internet security splintering ever, User accounts of more than 300 million from the site have allegedly been compromised.

‘The parent site of AdultFriendFinder, which offers various adult entertainment services, was hacked last month anticipated to Local File adding up vulnerabilities as per a researcher who goes by the Twitter name ‘1×0123’, reports CSO online. The researcher proceeded to post images to show the vulnerability in Localized File Inclusion being brought on. According to the report, the researcher has confirmed that the limitation has been exploited and was found in the production server module of AdultFriendFinder.

The other websites owned by Friend Finder Networks also been breached tremendously over millions of users data is at stake. Due to this breach, approximately 400 millions of user’s accounts have been put in peril by the company. The total data that has been put at risk just for this hack into has been collected by the various sites over last decade or more.

Very sensitive details like usernames and passwords are already accessible for many user data files and ZDNet has even confirmed that several of the account data leaked was authentic.

Shocking as it might be, this is not the first time that data from AdultFriendFinder has recently been breached as a year ago, data of around 3. 9 million users were leaked by online hackers, as per an exploration by Channel 4. The online security breach in last few years has been increased and these acts are putting user’s data in jeopardy.