Dartz PRVY Black Alligator

Subsequent to the success of its Kombat type of SUVs, widely recognized as some of the very most expensive most over sized and the most obnoxious traveling vehicles ever sold, Latvian firm Dartz is ready to launch an successor.
To develop the Black Alligator, Dartz takes a Mercedes-AMG GLS63 as the benefactor and modifies it to the hilt. The company features that the method is like melding a GLS with a Mercedes-May bach S600. The standard body is composed of Kevlar and carbon fibers but Dartz also offers an armor protection option in which case the body is manufactured out of Kevlar-coated ti.
The successor is the PRVY, which like the Kombat will be sold under Dartz’s Prombron brand. And among the first PRVY SUVs will be a model dubbed the Black Alligator. This is exactly like the Black Shark already announced by Dartz but comes with a shorter wheelbase. In case you were thinking, what they are called are inspired by the Kamov Ka-50 and Ka-52 Russian military helicopters, nicknamed the Black Shark and Alligator, respectively.

Power originates from the GLS63’s twin-turbocharged 5. 5l V-8, albeit ranging from 760 up to 1,600 hp. Among the list of upgrades is high-flow consumption and exhaust systems, more robust engine internals, larger turbos, and reinforced transmissions.

Of course, everything is personalized. Dartz has even launched the standalone Department of Opulence to cater to the various demands of its well-heeled customers. Pertaining to instance, one customer has commissioned the design of a steering wheel with buttons made from platinum, a middle hub embellished with almost hundreds of diamond jewelry, and stingray skin side handles with a caviar-like surface finish.

The starting price for a Dartz SUV is in the seven-figure range. Dartz realizes that many of its fans will not likely be capable of afford one of its vehicles. The company is working on a casino game for mobile phones that will allow one to drive some of its most memorable vehicles including the new Black Alligator.