As the WhatsApp privacy policy included that “User’s privacy is in our DNA” , the recent changes was a sort of breach of this statement.The previous update of Terms and Policies of WhatsApp hands the parent company Facebook , the user information . The new terms allow facebook to read the number the that user is using and gather information and keep track of user two sites to gather data for ads. The third party apps are still not allowed to access user data and also the company assured that advertisers would not have direct access to data of the use.However , the data of the user continues to remain on end-to-end encryption. Facebook will target to use information to serve more ads on it’s own platform. One may see an ad of a company they are already connected to.


The panic created among the public was tried to be controlled by WhatsApp when they stated that the new terms and policies only refined the experience and enhanced prime business of Facebook i.e advertisement. The collaboration might help the company as they could keep the track of how often people use their services. Also the facebook stated that this would make world more connected and open.Though the company has maintained the feature of end to end encryption the users are still in doubt as far as the privacy is concerned.

To overcome this dilemma of privacy the user is left with two options.


When the policies are updated for the user there appears a dialogue box of new policies saying “Share WhatsApp account information with facebook.” Don’t blindly click on agree, simply uncheck it and you are done.


If you’ve already whizzed through the terms box, no need to panic you can still change it within 30 days  of change.

  • go to settings.


  • go to account.


  • Uncheck share my details with Facebook.


However the Facebook company might continue to have access to user data for infrastructure development and support system services purposes and not for ads.