Good news for all the movie buffs that you can now download and watch your favourite movies and TV shows in the ‘offline mode’. In other words you can watch and movies without an internet connection or buffering issues. The offline mode is available for download on both android and iOS devices.

Netflix is most popular streaming site in America, entered the Indian markets in January, 2016 giving tough competition to some of the domestic players.

Netflix subscription charges are on the bases of plan category starting from Rs. 500, Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 per month for standard and premium plans respectively. Even after being costlier than the others Netflix has a lot to offer like a superior UI across various platforms like smartphones, tablets, laptops and television. Netflix library has been improving consistently with International titles and adding more Bollywood titles to its collection.

To start downloading Netflix series and movies, you need to have the latest version of the Android and iOS and make sure you have the ‘Netflix app’ installed on your device.

Steps to Follow after downloading app:-

  • Once you install the app successfully you can sign in and start browsing your favorite series/movie.
  • If you are a new user there will be few pop-ups about the new feature
  • To find out which movies or Tv series is available for download simply go to the main menu and tap on ‘Available for download’ and you will find all the options
  • Or else browse and choose something which you want to download offline, there will be a downward arrow which indicated it’s availability.
  • For TV series, you will find the down arrow next to each episode.
  • For movies the icon will appear in the details section just below the description.
  • Once you have downloaded, it will show in the main menu under the name ‘My downloads’.