Day in and day out WhatsApp is frequently used by the mob all around the world. The text messages sent are to be backed up for any further use to the user. For this, Whatsapp has a feature to periodically back up the messages in Google Drive.

This can be achieved by few simple steps mentioned below.


Switch on the WhatsApp and go to the individual chat or group.

WhatsApp >> Individual Chat

Step 2

Tap on the Menu button indicated on the top left by three dots. This will open up the user to many different options. The user is supposed to tap on More Button.

Menu >> More

Step 3

Heading forward, the user needs to take final action by tapping on Email Chat option. Then the user is left only with option to select whether to attach the media with the chats too or not.

More >> Email chat


Step 4

The user will be landed on a screen of an email from where WhatsApp chat can be mailed directly. On tapping send after entering the Email id, mail will be sent.



On attaching any media document, the most recent media files gets attached automatically. Moreover, the limit sums upto 10,000 instead of 40,000 which was without adding media. Consequently, below the subject line a message appears: Chat history is attached as “WhatsApp Chat: contact.txt” file to this email and for a group chat: Chat history is attached as “WhatsApp Chat: group.txt” file to this email.

The steps are almost similar for apple users except for the menu option. User needs to tap on the contact name after opening individual chat to get through contact info. For any other user, steps are same.

To cancel the action, user have two options, either to cancel the mail or to save it as a draft. Cancel option lets the user do so.