Gmail is the most popular email service to date, thanks to its creator, Google. Despite what the company does to keep your emails safe, you may still be preyed on by hackers and scammers from all over the Web.

Google has been updating its Gmail security system by adding new security features, most of which we do not know about.

1 Enable HTTPS Security

Leaving HTTPS disabled makes it easier for attackers to hack into your Gmail account.

How to perform a check to ensure that the HTTPS option is on.


Log into your account > the gear icon > Settings > General >Browser Connection and check if the option, “Always use HTTPS” is marked. Remember to save the changes.

2 Check Your Filter, Forwarding and POP/IMAP

Filters can potentially transfer emails as long as the victim has the filter in his account.


Therefore, it’s vital for you to actually check your account settings to delete suspicious filters.

Log into your account > Settings > Filters to check and delete the Filter you didn’t put there before.

You will also need to mark the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” option as well to complete this security process.

3 Creating a strong password

Try and make your password alphanumeric and quite unpredictable. Try and make it as private as possible. Avoid easy passwords.

4 Securty Question’s Answers

Just try and make as crazy as possible set of a questions and answers. You can even site a wrong and an unpredictable answer for a question. These questions are a easy way to hack into your account

5 Revoke Unauthorized Access

One of the hottest tricks that hackers use to access your Gmail is .to ask for its access like facebook, etc



Click “Revoke Access” if you find any doubtful applications after logging into your account.