Only a completely detached creature from the universe would not know about the storming social networking application WhatsApp. The periodic updates engages the user into the application wisely.  A very latest feature updated is the change in font style succeeding the bold writing font.

Known as FixedSys, this font was used in Notepad in Windows and in beta version of application. Now it works in a much stable version v2.166.13.  Following some meagre and unswerving steps, user can apply this obscure font in their chat messages.

Here is the procedure

Everything you are supposed to do is to use ` symbol three times in a row before and after the text you desire to change. For instance, If you wish to put ‘How are you’ in different font, write “`How are you“` and you are done with changing the font to bold one.


Not being a common apostrophe, you can find it right next to ~ symbol.


Implemented in iOS as well as android operating systems, this new feature can be accessed in any smart device.