You usually wonder when your smartphone gets crashed or even worse, it gets lost or stolen. Notwithstanding with it, it simply refuses to turn on, this could not only create a hole in your pocket but evaporate all your data too.

To fix this unwanted issue, cloud backups is supposed to be enabled in the device. As soon as the user log in the account into a new handset, most of the data gets transferred automatically. But that would not be enough to keep a record of all of the data, therefore the user is supposed to take a regular backups of his smartphone.

For greenhorns, Google has this indispensable system for the important contact and email details. Google has feature to store all of your app data including contacts, browser, photos, music and many more settings. The user is just two or three steps away to sync everything with Google server and get the information stored in new device.

Commencing with the android settings, head to accounts in Google options. Further tap on Google account and sync everything you want to. Also, enable the options in backup folder as well. Backup and reset system saves almost everything from SMS to every photo.

Android settings >> Accounts >> Google accounts >> Sync option



Android 5.0 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow have eased the backup system by saving game, settings, app data and other things.

As already mentioned, Google has a backup tool for WiFi passwords and for it, the user is supposed to head to settings and then backup and reset option. Further enabling back up my data and automatic restore ensures deeper settings and saves WiFi passwords on Google’s servers. This instantly saves the settings in new devices, hence ensuring data safety.


Android Settings >> Backup and reset option