zte project csx phone

ZTE had been collecting ideas from the community from past one and a half month through Project CSX program and has finally decided a winner for same. A self-adhesive backing, eye-tracking camera was chosen as the winner. Eye-tracking would be using phone’s front camera for tracking your eye movement which will help the users scroll through pages or books without using their hands. It can also be used for skipping videos. Self-adhesive backing will allow the user stick their phone on any surface so that it does not fall. Although this is not a new concept there are some cases which can stick to a glass surface for some time.

ZTE has also created split screen technology which will ensure privacy so that nobody except the user can see what the screen is showing. Self-adhesive polymer can help you in enjoying web browsing, book reading and watching videos without holding your device. Eye tracking system will have two laser-focusing cameras, one at the top and other at the bottom. This system can be stopped temporarily when user touches the screen and it will be automatically reactivated after five seconds if the screen remains untouched.

CSX project has helped many people in great deal to choose the features they prefer in their smartphones. Users had many complaints about their smartphones like camera and many other petty issues. This project has helped the users in choosing a preferable phone and has tried to solve their grievances in the best way possible. Overall winner of this project would be flown to CES 2017 to join ZTE during the show. CSX is going to be a very user friendly phone

ZTE CSX phone is going to be launched in 2017. Users have a high hopes for the phone,let us hope this phone becomes a hit in the market.