Best VR headsets to buy in 2016, whatever your budget

Virtual Reality headsets are again at the top of market with embarking new quality and torrent of choices. They provide surreal virtual reality for the wearer. Apart from being used for gaming purposes they are also used for training and simulating purposes. They are made of stereoscopic head mounted display with head motion tracking sensor and stereo sound. With a whole market loaded with these devices a customer must be confused to buy the headset which is worth a go. Don’t worry here are the suggestions that won’t let you down.



Oculus rift is one of the most exciting VR headset you will ever bank upon. With an affordable price of $599 it comes with features such as display for each eye,sensors and integrated headphones.It comes with a camera to add more movement detection information and initially ships with an Xbox One controller.With extremely comfortable cushion wear and minimised motion judder and blurring this amazing canny VR set is upto the expectations of users.



Another addition to the whole new range of VRs this virtual reality headset is a bit different because it allows a motion about a room unlike other. It comes with  IR sensor mounted on walls to track down the virtual distance to physical distance. With immersive and interactive virtual environment one has to chip in a amount of $799.



The SULON Q VR is a fierce competitor to the former two as it runs on the Windows 10 PC architecture. It does not require a high-end PC  to run and is “tether-free”. There are earbuds that provide 3D spatial audio and embedded noise cancelling and AMD technology to run console quality games.  As there is no official announcement about the price the gadget is estimated to be a bit pricey.




Rechristened from Project Morpheus this VR is not a PC but a part of PlayStation 4 which means its cost is a lot less than it’s rivals i.e $399. Though it perfoems same as the Rift and Vive but it’s screen has a low resolution than these. Using the playstation camera it tracks down the motion of wearer’s head. With regular PS4 processors it is going to give the users an immersive gaming expirience.



Samsung Gear VR was one of the early moves to launch a VR that runs and supports a mobile rather than a pc or console. It is designed to run on a variety of mobile phones but it’s performance is best with latest Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It’s an easy to use with Samsung devices.It is lately being used for commercial purposes as well. It offers a high resolution display with lenses to split the display between the two eyes. It comes with an affordable price of $200.