tile mate

The second generation Tile mate with improved range has emerged as the best choice to track down the whereabouts of your keys and a two way finding feature helps you to locate your phone from your key chain. This new version costs $25 through Amazon, it is waterproof and is designed to hang on the bunch of keys, so that you can track them when you lose or misplace them.
It has battery which is not replaceable, but it lives up more than one year’s claim. It is very reliable and efficient in finding out lost things around the house. Tiles come in white plastic unlike any other Bluetooth trackers, with a silver button and a logo on it. By pressing it the Tile will be automatically activated as long as the Bluetooth button is on, on your phone. The app is available for Android and iOS.
Once it is set up use the ‘Find’ button in the app to operate the Tile and a loud tune helps to track the lost wallet, keys, remote or even cuddly toys. Tile mate is one of the loudest at almost 90 dB and you can easily figure out the direction to search for the lost things. But keep in mind it will work within the Bluetooth range of your Tile, as it’s not a GPS that will pinpoint the location on a map.
Tile compatible with Android devices, its few extra features boosts its usefulness which makes it worth its price, as it helps you to find your lost things. The only thing it lacks is the removable battery which you have to buy a new one every year.