A new Play Station 4 VR headset was launched by Sony on 13th October, offering completely new experiences and a number of new games, where you can interact with the world by using your hands instead of a controller. The added immersion of VR in reality makes you feel as if you are somewhere else.

After a long wait Sony’s new play station VR has arrived which definitely does not disappoints. The virtual reality trend is taking technology industry by storm and Play Station V R is on the top of the list. For PS 4 game console you need a V R smart head set with integrated electronics.

Sony is well established brand and is the only one which providing spatial and motion tracking. It works with the Dual Shock 4 controllers or with the Play Station Move controller, having 5.7 inch of LED panel. There is a processor box in the headset, which processes the 3 D audio effect and has 9 positional LED’s on its surface, for the camera of the Play Station to track the head movement, as these days play station wants you to immerse yourself completely in it.

Though it looks like Oculus Rift square in its 3 D sights, it is not designed for the kids below the age of 12. The PSVR’s graphical fidelity is often lower than HTC Vive and others. Sony’s Play Station V R is a satisfying and solid virtual reality experience, whereas, it trails its PC V R counterparts while motion tracking.

The design of the headset is so comfortable, even while it is resting on the top of your head, and it’s even usable when you’re wearing glasses. Sony’s new play station 4 V R is competitor to the HTC Vive. PlayStation VR will work with the 46 million PlayStation 4 consoles in homes worldwide, and Sony has signed on more than 230 development houses to create VR content.