In the United States, Sony wants the recently introduced full format camera Alpha 99 II as told to deliver from 25 November only in small numbers. In Germany is however with delivery beginning in November probably not with a bottleneck expected.

Sony announced II Alpha 99 to present the new full frame camera, starting on November 25 in the trade to bring them. The demand should be higher for the camera in its home market of Japan, as expected from Sony. And so must expect some buyer in the United States and the rest of the world according to DPReview’s Amazon daughter with a longer delivery time.

It’s been a long-lasting rule that are needed to make a choice when it comes to digital photography, you either get a top-end SLR that supports an incredible burst rate, but at a moderately modern megapixel count, or you can go with a high-resolution camera with a modest rate.

Sony’s long overdue update to the full-frame Alpha 99 doesn’t just break that rule, it shatters it. The SLR or SLT if you need to argue semantics shoots at up to 12fps while tracking topics, and it can it at 42MP in Raw, DIGITAL, or Raw + JPG format.

For Germany, II can be expected when this will start at end of November according to information but not to a bottleneck at the alpha 99 deliveries. Like in the previous product launches of Sony Alpha 99 is started at the II delivery in Germany with smaller quantities, then further increased to be.