Ouya Gaming Console

Ouya founded by gaming industry veteran launched gaming console whose pricing starts from astonishing meagre $99. It is the best bet for those who can afford expensive gaming console like ps3, xbox and wii u for entertainment. Ouya gaming console comes with a single controller , extra controller will cost $49.99.

ouya_gaming_consoleThis gaming console comes with around 192 games (178 at launch) along with apps like tunein and plex.It is still to recieve any positive feedback from market ,but i feel you feel you cannot compare 99$ device with expensive consoles which can cost 400 bucks. It is one of the smallest gaming console I have ever seen.

Ouya is also providing developers an opportunity to develop games for Ouya and sell or use it without any licensing cost. SDK is available on their website

Their tag line is ” every game free to try because we believe you shouldn’t buy anything until you know you love it” . Major Drawback of console is you have to se your credit/debit card to download games but you wont get charged until you but it.As of now it supports upto 4 controller and also supports bluetooth pairing. All the best OUYA