LG P J 9 Floating Bluetooth Speakers

Just over a week is left for the CES event and the announcements have begun of the products to be showcased at event in Las Vegas, in which LG is scheduled to introduce its new Bluetooth speaker PJ9 offering 360 degree sound output, creating a magnetic field in the floating technology by using electro magnate placed within itself.
LG PJ9 Bluetooth speaker officially to be launched in the trade show is unique as seen in the teaser, as the speakers float in the air because of the electromagnet without any support hovering in the mid- air. Not only this, it has wireless charging, when the battery runs low after every ten hours, it has the ability to charge itself, by going back to the base and get charged, without interrupting the music being played, thus can be easily used outdoors also.
The speakers are IPX7 rated, which means it has the capability of withstanding snow, rain and water splashing. Multi-point technology of these waterproof speakers can also connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The speaker grille is shaped like a turbine engine of an aircraft and is egg shaped with a cylindrical woofer station and it is of glossy white color, with two passive radiators which offer a more bass and mid- range sound.
LG promises to deliver high quality audio with an eye-catching design. But at present there is no information about the availability and the pricing of the device, which LG may announce during the CES. LG alone is not the only first company to come up with the levitating speakers, but there are a few unknown tech brands also offering such speakers, such as Om Audio, Fine way Ice, Crazy baby and others.

The inclusive deal might actually not be very portable if you ponder the base and the fact that you’ll need to connect this speaker to a power source. There’s no information on pricing and availability at the moment.