i phone VR Headset

VR Headsets are glorious fun; iPhone VR headsets are going to be huge in year 2017, which can also be better described as a sector of ‘enhanced smart phone holders’ relying on the processors, gyroscopes and motion sensors of your smartphones. So your virtual reality experience will be smoother and immersive, all depends on the specs of your smartphone.
Google Cardboard and Samsung’s VR are the best options if you want to dabble in VR, but there are many new breed of cheaper VR headsets that are compatible with iPhones supporting handsets from past few years from iPhone 5S to new iPhone 7. These mobile VR headsets have nothing to go all in all with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Cardboard style encourages number of potential users to board with virtual reality, as apps wise, you can access Cardboard apps, Facebook’s 360 videos, You Tube 360 and a lot more and so Google Cardboard has stolen the lime light, when it comes to VR headsets.
VR headset revolution is underway, a low cost entry into VR doesn’t come cheaper than an iPhone compatible Cardboard kit, as for under $20 you can get a strap and NFC technology. Apple doesn’t have its own VR set, but Occipital’s Bridge headset has the power to make Apple’s smartphone a VR heavyweight. But the best budget VR headsets featuring the likes of Google Cardboard, View master, Bobo, Merge, Fiit VR, Homido VR, Habor, Free fly, Bridge compliment the accessory on its comfortable face plate and are compatible with larger phones such as iPhone 6 Plus and One Plus One.
Get ready to experience virtual reality with the best VR experience where virtual objects mix with the real world, play games enjoying 360 degrees videos and 360 degree panoramas, just like the HTC Vive, on your iPhone VR headset.